Basic Information

In this page, we are providing basic information for (potential) delegates, necessary for a successfull SiegMUN.
Have a look and feel free to contact us for further questions via Facebook or E-Mail. 



To participate you have to apply for the conference via, here are some
instructions on the application process, just click this button below. 

Delegate Fee

The delegate fee for SiegMUN 2017 is EUR 20. It covers general conference material, coffee, mineral water and some small snacks during conference. Furthermore the entrance to our social events.

Award Policy

Please click the button below to download our official "Awards policy" information sheet.                       


The conference sessions of SiegMUN 2017 will take place at the University of Siegen. Transportation has to be organized individually. To get to Siegen our tip is to search for connections on or if you travel within Germany, another opportunity might be the Deutsche Bahn. If you are arriving from outside of Germany, the nearest airports are Cologne/Bonn, Dortmund and Germanys biggest airport in Frankfurt. 

To get to the university within Siegen, the following busses will take you there: 

From Siegen (Central Station): UX1, C111, C106
From Siegen-Weidenau: UX2, UX3, C111, C106

The station at which you need to get out, depends upon which committee you are participating in, but don't worry, we will keep this page updated and will inform you about the exact building and room your committee will be in. 

Anyway, if you wish to attend our conference by car we recommend you to use the navigating system of your choice and to search for the address of the university Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2. 



We can guarantee you that we are trying to organize private housing for those of you, who cannot sleep at home. However, what we unfortunately cannot guarantee is that it works in every case, as it always depends on the room- and living-situation of people. 

Because of that, we are in permanent contact with locals in order to be able to offer you at least a cheap possibility to spend the night. So, no worries at this point!

If you need accommodation, please state this in your application and we will contact you as soon
as we can provide you with something. 

dress code

Having a realistic simulation of the committees is not only about staying in character, but also
about the formal factors of a conference, including a dress code. Therefore it is common in MUN that delegates dress in a manner that is both professional and respectable. It is often referred to 'Western Business Attire'. Take this as a good opportunity to wear your smartest clothing.
We would like

For men                                                                                                             
- Dark suit/slacks with a matching jacket with shirt (no T-Shirts)               
- Tie (if available, not obligatory)                                                                
- Dress shoes (no sneakers, except black ones if you don't have dress shoes)

For Women                                                                                                       
- Suit, dress, slacks with blouse, or skirt with blouse (knees covered)           

For both genders the following rule applies: no jeans, no jewellery, no hats!


Please note that delegates from abroad will only be recognized if they have valid visa. Unfortunately, the organizational team of SiegMUN cannot offer any help concerning visa procedures.

study and siegmun-certificate

Every participant of SiegMUN will receive an official certificate of participation. In certain circumstances your participation is applicable to your study at the University of Siegen. If you want to earn credit points (only for students of Uni Siegen), you have to participate in at least 70% of the full conference sessions. In addition you have to write a position paper (1-2 pages) and register it with LSF (currently not possible).