CEDEAO Second Working Day

On the second day of the SiegMUN the CEDEAO committee was elaborated on its workingpaper and tried to accomplish common goals. They also got a new delegation, as Roderlein Kouonang the seconds chair of the CEDEAO decided to take part in the discussion too, representing the delegation of Liberia.
Sierra Leone was the first delegation who spoke up. The delegation stated its need for financial support especially for education and to build up and improve its social infrastructure. Sierra Leone thinks that it is very important to reduce the emissions to limit the air pollution. For Nigeria the financial support for building up a social infrastructure is also an issue. Nigeria has lots of oil ressources but it is mainly used for other countries and not for the state on its own. The delegation finds it unfair that Nigeria is suffering under the consequences of the climate change a lot without really being responsable for that. Ivory Coast has lots of ressources that it usually exports to all the different countries and nations. But due to the pollution its ressources are no longer needed. This causes financial problems so that it has to be supported by other states. For Togo water pollution is a very important issue and it needs infrastructure to improve its transports. Liberia which is geographically close to the Ivory Coast also has a big issue with the water population. Besides that it agrees with all the other states and its discussed issues.

All these issues were written down on the working paper. Considering the water pollution the CEDEAO demands financial support to buy machines that can clean the water. A water ressort is planned for the whole population in West Africa. To struggle against the water pollution is highly important because lots of deseases and sometimes even deaths are caused by polluted water. Besides that the CEDEAO committee wants to establish a green economy so that they can ensure to struggle against the pollution and the climate change. So they are thinking about using solar energy but they do not have the financial funds to do it on their own. That is why they are asking for support. After lunch the french committee decided to take part in the LAS committee and spontaneously represented missing delegations like Syria. They will continue their conference tomorrow morning, but unfortunately Nigeria won't be able to participate in the conference tomorrow.